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About Us

Two parents. Three kids. All rebels.

Rebel Ink Baby was hatched in the liberal neighborhood of St. Paul, (that’s Minnesota) in 2004. A screen printer turned baby wear producer, we created our humorous black clothing line with the birth of our first child/model. Our dog had to resort to second chair.

Our ideas for the tees evolve through the daily insanity of child rearing. In 2006, model #2 made a splash, and what an inspiration she was. We then decided to expand our line to offer white snap suits with contrast stitching. As our family grows so will the silliness.

If you find yourself in the frozen tundra of MN, swing by our store and we’ll cook up some wackiness together. For those of you that remember Bartels & James, “Thanks for your support.”

Todd & Lisa

Rebel Ink Baby Castle